Larsen Family 2012

Larsen Family 2012

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Drew helping dad fix the sprinklers. It was so cute, he just sat there for about an hour talking to John, looking in the hole, not being any trouble. Cute as a button.

John and the boys on the first fishing trip of the season--Kole said the last time he caught a fish was when he was "about 4 years old" Ouch dad--that hurts. That's not to say they don't go, they really do, John insists it's not his skill it's the locations they choose.

Kole and Trey are finally "big enough" to help mow the lawn. I can't say it looks professional by any means, and John or I usually have to go around and get the stray sections of long grass, but it keeps them busy, teaches them to work, and the excercise doesn't hurt either.

The next few pics are of Kole and some of the dance skills he gets from his dad.
(not sure what move the kid in back of Kole on the left is doing)

These pictures are all taken at cousin Jansen's birthday party--looks like these guys think they're too cool for the party.(They really did have a great time!!)

Drew contemplating how fun it could possibly be to crawl inside giant Spongebobs mouth...

All tuckered out--too tired for the cake.


Marc and Megan said...

Brooke, your boys are so cute! I can't believe the last time I saw you Kole was just a baby. It's been way too long!

Kimberli said...

Your boys look so grown up, especially the picture when they are in the "bounce house." Its been way too long since I've seen you.