Larsen Family 2012

Larsen Family 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A few highlights of 2012

We were lucky enough to take another trip to Hawaii. The boys had a blast!
The traditional hammock picture. It's so fun to see how they change.
John thinks it may be time to start sending some video to colleges...JK This is Trey playing his first year of football.
Trey and his good friend.
Kole worked hard to receive his "Arrow of Light" award in cub scouts. Grandpa Gary made this special Arrow.
Sweet little Drew. What more can I say. He brings so much joy and laughter to our home. I can't believe my baby is almost 5! We feel so blessed. This year has brought many changes for our family. We continue to be thankful for our good health and our precious boys. We feel the tug of the world on our family but we are ever determined to conquer! We hope the New Year finds you all well.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission!!

I have known all my life that someday my parents would go on a mission. It has always been about when, "the time is right". They have been VERY actively involved in the care of both of their parents for the last SEVERAL years. They informed us a few weeks ago that the papers had been sent and NOW was the time. It didn't seem real until YESTERDAY...we got a call at 8:00AM saying that their call had arrived. We gathered the troops and headed to my parents house. Dad passed the unopened call around to all of his Grandsons and talked to each one about where they hoped they would be called and how many years away they would be opening their call. Jansen wants to be called to Brasil, Kole to Japan, Trey to Mexico, Jarren wants to go to "Mickeys house", Jordan wants Australia and, Drew wants "a mission!!". It was a very special morning for all of us. The call was opened and they will be serving at BYU Hawaii in Honolulu!! We are very excited for them. We know that Hawaii has some great Missionaries coming their way. We will miss them SO much but we are thankful for their willingness to serve the Lord and for the example they are setting for our boys. THE CLINCHER...they recieved the call yesterday and will report to the MTC on JULY 12TH!!!

We LOVE you mom and dad---or should we say Elder and Sister McKell!!!

Tonsilectomy take "TWO"....

Kole had his tonsils out at age 2 and Drew just followed suit. He had to have some dental work done and because of his age they opted to put him under anesthesia. We decided, and our ENT doc concurred that this would be a good time to get the tonsils out too since they were COMPLETELY blocking off his throat. This all took place last Thursday and it has been a LONG week. Drew has been a great sport but there is no question it has not been pleasant for him.

We love you Drew!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our latest family adventure was a trip to Florida. We only stayed a few days but we all had a great time. We could have done without the humidity! I didn't post many pcis from Disney World because it is hard to get past the fact that we all look like sweat mongrels. Boy were we glad to be back home to our wonderful DRY heat! John spent some preparation time getting little movies downloaded on the iPod and we were off. Kole and Trey were great on the plane as always and now that Drew had the iPod filled with Mickey Mouse Club house he was an ANGEL!! John likes to take pictures of where we stay BEFORE the kids tear through it just so we have a memory. We were contacted by HILTON on the phone one night about 6 months ago--don't know why I answered-- anyway, they wanted us to come try out this resort to see if we would be interested in a time share through them. I insisted that I would need to talk with my husband and get back to them. However, by the time I got them off the phone I had managed to upgrade the studio to a 1 bedroom with full kitchen and King size pull out bed for a mere $136.00(TOTAL) for 4 nights!!! I decided I would tell John later and book the vacation. I think the place turned out to be pretty nice. THANKS Hilton for a great vacation BUT NO THANKS on the time share!! Kole has been practicing all month for a play that he will be in the first week in July. He was very disappointed that he had to miss two practices in order to go to Florida. The only way we could get him home in time for practice on Monday was to fly into Las Vegas and put him on a shuttle home. The shuttle had only space for ONE which meant he rode solo while John and I took Trey and Drew for their first Buffet experience at the LUXOR. Needless to say they thought it was pretty wonderful.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Drew helping dad fix the sprinklers. It was so cute, he just sat there for about an hour talking to John, looking in the hole, not being any trouble. Cute as a button.

John and the boys on the first fishing trip of the season--Kole said the last time he caught a fish was when he was "about 4 years old" Ouch dad--that hurts. That's not to say they don't go, they really do, John insists it's not his skill it's the locations they choose.

Kole and Trey are finally "big enough" to help mow the lawn. I can't say it looks professional by any means, and John or I usually have to go around and get the stray sections of long grass, but it keeps them busy, teaches them to work, and the excercise doesn't hurt either.

The next few pics are of Kole and some of the dance skills he gets from his dad.
(not sure what move the kid in back of Kole on the left is doing)

These pictures are all taken at cousin Jansen's birthday party--looks like these guys think they're too cool for the party.(They really did have a great time!!)

Drew contemplating how fun it could possibly be to crawl inside giant Spongebobs mouth...

All tuckered out--too tired for the cake.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New York

Since I Had nine days off at one time, we decided it was a great opportunity to take a family trip somewhere. The votes were cast and New York won! My dear friend Mandi lives there so we called to let them know we wanted to see them while we were in town. They were so kind, they told us to ditch the Hotel and come stay with them. Our boys were so excited and off we went.....

First stop--ice skating in Central Park--one of the boys favorite activities of the whole trip.

Hey--someone had to sit out and sip hot cocoa!

Shake Shack after ice skating--who doesn't crave a milkshake in sub-freezing temperatures?? Look at the kids--they don't seem to mind. Mandi's twin girls Abbi and Emili--so cute!

We went to "The Museum" from "Night at the Museum" all the boys cared about was finding Dumb Dumb--well, we found him and were exhausted afterward. We'll have to go back just to have time to see more.

Drew and Claire--cute little "bed head" buddies!!

On our way to the Statue of Liberty--

Lets call this photo "Wind-whipped" It actually turned out to be a theme for our time in the city.

The boys on the Staten Island Ferry!

More "Wind-whipped". You get the idea!

Kole with Lady Liberty--we're obviously not pro's at wearing beanies--what can we say?

John is more...frugal shall we say than I am at times.. in all of our walking He suddelnly told us to stop for a picture. We had found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the financial district. Note: Wall St."sign. What the picture doesn't show is that I am at this point wearing John's shoes and he is wearing mine. It was my effort to convince him that a taxi was in order--he didn't look the Wall St. part let's just say.

The boys.

Mary Poppins on Broadway with Abbi and Emeli. They all loved the show. Trey was getting a little drowsy during the first half but his eyes popped wide open when the naked statues came alive and started dancing--hello people, this is a kids show!!!

Time Square with the girls--the pics a little blury but cute.

Try keeping track of 4 kids in this mess!! I loved it!

Taxi rides were one of the highlights for the boys.

Another highlight--I didn't bother telling the boys we have an M&M World in Vegas.

On our way to the "Top of the Rock" ( Rockefeller Center) Trey looking up--we were going pretty fast!

Top of the Rock--Amazing view, this photo (nor any that I took) doesn't do it justice.

Eatin some NY pizza on the curb in a parking garage after a long day--don't worry, we bought that curb with the $$ we spent on parking!

John building a snow man with no gloves--go John!!

Drew had to borrow most of his winter clothing from the girls.

Trey and Drew


The whole adorable gang!!

Thanks to the Peo's for a wonderful and memorable week!! We'll see you in DC!(ha ha)