Larsen Family 2012

Larsen Family 2012

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New York

Since I Had nine days off at one time, we decided it was a great opportunity to take a family trip somewhere. The votes were cast and New York won! My dear friend Mandi lives there so we called to let them know we wanted to see them while we were in town. They were so kind, they told us to ditch the Hotel and come stay with them. Our boys were so excited and off we went.....

First stop--ice skating in Central Park--one of the boys favorite activities of the whole trip.

Hey--someone had to sit out and sip hot cocoa!

Shake Shack after ice skating--who doesn't crave a milkshake in sub-freezing temperatures?? Look at the kids--they don't seem to mind. Mandi's twin girls Abbi and Emili--so cute!

We went to "The Museum" from "Night at the Museum" all the boys cared about was finding Dumb Dumb--well, we found him and were exhausted afterward. We'll have to go back just to have time to see more.

Drew and Claire--cute little "bed head" buddies!!

On our way to the Statue of Liberty--

Lets call this photo "Wind-whipped" It actually turned out to be a theme for our time in the city.

The boys on the Staten Island Ferry!

More "Wind-whipped". You get the idea!

Kole with Lady Liberty--we're obviously not pro's at wearing beanies--what can we say?

John is more...frugal shall we say than I am at times.. in all of our walking He suddelnly told us to stop for a picture. We had found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the financial district. Note: Wall St."sign. What the picture doesn't show is that I am at this point wearing John's shoes and he is wearing mine. It was my effort to convince him that a taxi was in order--he didn't look the Wall St. part let's just say.

The boys.

Mary Poppins on Broadway with Abbi and Emeli. They all loved the show. Trey was getting a little drowsy during the first half but his eyes popped wide open when the naked statues came alive and started dancing--hello people, this is a kids show!!!

Time Square with the girls--the pics a little blury but cute.

Try keeping track of 4 kids in this mess!! I loved it!

Taxi rides were one of the highlights for the boys.

Another highlight--I didn't bother telling the boys we have an M&M World in Vegas.

On our way to the "Top of the Rock" ( Rockefeller Center) Trey looking up--we were going pretty fast!

Top of the Rock--Amazing view, this photo (nor any that I took) doesn't do it justice.

Eatin some NY pizza on the curb in a parking garage after a long day--don't worry, we bought that curb with the $$ we spent on parking!

John building a snow man with no gloves--go John!!

Drew had to borrow most of his winter clothing from the girls.

Trey and Drew


The whole adorable gang!!

Thanks to the Peo's for a wonderful and memorable week!! We'll see you in DC!(ha ha)


Suzanne G said...

Looks like it was a nice trip! You look great and your boys are so handsome!

Mandi Peo said...

Loved having you all for a visit! Look forward to taking in the sites with you in DC. Seriously, come on over.

michelle said...

I love the looks on the boys faces. You can tell that they were having so much fun!

The Allred Family said...

Looks like such a fun trip. Not sure why Des Moines didn't top the charts as the No 1 vacation spot, but maybe next year! Oh wait, we won't be here! YEah!!!!