Larsen Family 2012

Larsen Family 2012

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission!!

I have known all my life that someday my parents would go on a mission. It has always been about when, "the time is right". They have been VERY actively involved in the care of both of their parents for the last SEVERAL years. They informed us a few weeks ago that the papers had been sent and NOW was the time. It didn't seem real until YESTERDAY...we got a call at 8:00AM saying that their call had arrived. We gathered the troops and headed to my parents house. Dad passed the unopened call around to all of his Grandsons and talked to each one about where they hoped they would be called and how many years away they would be opening their call. Jansen wants to be called to Brasil, Kole to Japan, Trey to Mexico, Jarren wants to go to "Mickeys house", Jordan wants Australia and, Drew wants "a mission!!". It was a very special morning for all of us. The call was opened and they will be serving at BYU Hawaii in Honolulu!! We are very excited for them. We know that Hawaii has some great Missionaries coming their way. We will miss them SO much but we are thankful for their willingness to serve the Lord and for the example they are setting for our boys. THE CLINCHER...they recieved the call yesterday and will report to the MTC on JULY 12TH!!!

We LOVE you mom and dad---or should we say Elder and Sister McKell!!!

Tonsilectomy take "TWO"....

Kole had his tonsils out at age 2 and Drew just followed suit. He had to have some dental work done and because of his age they opted to put him under anesthesia. We decided, and our ENT doc concurred that this would be a good time to get the tonsils out too since they were COMPLETELY blocking off his throat. This all took place last Thursday and it has been a LONG week. Drew has been a great sport but there is no question it has not been pleasant for him.

We love you Drew!!!